At Mayura, we have our eyes on the future as we strive for continuous improvement. With structured breeding programs and consistent selection pressure, we push the boundaries on what can be achieved.

Our performance breeding strategy is backed by record keeping from our Full-blood Wagyu breeding and feeding operations and carcass data provided by our Branded Beef operation at chiller assessment by Ausmeat and the MIJ Digital Camera.

Our philosophy is to produce Full-blood Wagyu cattle that have exceptional marbling, large ribeyes and a target weight of 450kg at 24 months of age - requiring less days on feed. We aim to produce cattle that are early maturing and profitable through the supply chain, with the ability to perform in any environment.



A once in a generation sire and the foundation sire at Mayura Station, Itoshigenami Junior is the backbone of our branded beef operation, fathering around 40% of our calves annually. With more than 1000 carcasses (as of Oct 2019), Junior is the best carcass sire used in the Mayura branded beef operation. Consistently grading Ausmeat 9+, with herd-leading eye muscle and carcass weight at a young age, his continually excellent performance is reflected in the accuracy of his EBV’s MS +3.3 (97% Accuracy), EMA +8.7 (97% Accuracy) CWT +22kg (98% Accuracy).

Junior's remarkable carcass performance makes him the ideal backbone of our Wagyu production and the benchmark for progeny testing to discover our next generation sires.



Sire of the 2019 Grand-champion at the Australian Wagyu Association Branded Beef awards, Jackpot is sired by the famed Mayura Itoshigenami Junior. Early carcass production shows that he is an outstanding marbling sire. With an average Ausmeat MS of 9.83, EMA of 84.5cm and CWT of 416.5kg. Jackpot currently holds the #1 spot for marbling at Mayura.

EBV’s of MS +2.2 (72% Accuracy), EMA +2.1 (72% Accuracy) CWT + 14g (77% Accuracy).


Noble is sired by industry leading sire Itoshigenami Junior who’s EBV’s place him at the very top of the Wagyu breed. Noble is a later maturing type that has grown to have a significant frame with depth and large capacity in the forequarter. Noble’s pedigree is stacked for marbling performance with Kitateruyasudoi and Michifuku on the maternal line.

EBV’s of MS +2.1, EMA +3.6 and CWT +7kg.


This bull is the result of the joining of the two finest carcass producing animals at Mayura Station; industry leading Sire Itoshigenami Junior and WGWFD8223, our leading carcass producing female at Mayura. Notorious is an early maturing bull with standout growth and frame at a young age. This is not surprising, given his pedigree with both Itozurodoi and Overflow Kaneyama as the maternal sire and grand-sire. Both bulls contributing powerful growth performance to this young sire.

EBV’s of MS +1.9, EMA +5.8 and CWT +27kg. This bull has the potential to out-perform his father….


MAYURA J0207 – ADBFJ0207

Sired by Shigeshigetani, J0207 is a large framed sire with excellent conformation. This sire combines the powerful marbling genetics of Shigeshigetani and Itoshigenami as the paternal and maternal sires. To date J0207 has produced 24 carcasses with an average Ausmeat MS of 8.91, Ave CWT of 420kg and EMA of 88cm2. Ave 277 DOF.

EBV’s MS +0.5 (74% Accuracy), EMA +2.8 (73% Accuracy), CWT +19KGs (73% Accuracy).


Sired by Itozurodoi, Herald is a large-framed deep bodied sire with excellent capacity. Herald’s originates from the queen of the breed, Suzutani, who has established herself as the one of the most genetically influential cows to have ever left Japan, producing a number of the breed's most prominent sires. The maternal sires in Herald’s pedigree are the marbling powerhouses Kitaguni JNR and Itoshigenami. To date, Herald has produced 89 carcasses with an Average MS of 8.52, Ave CWT 425.9kg and EMA of 86.96 (10/11th rib) Ave DOF 281.

EBV’s of MS +1.8 (Accuracy 83%) , EMA -0.3 (Accuracy 83%)  CWT 0 (accuracy 87%).



Sired by Itozurodoi, L0081 is a very large-framed sire - weighing in at over 900kg. Itozurodoi bestows excellent frame, growth and ultimately size to his progeny. His daughters consistently exhibit above-average milking ability, making this sire a great all-rounder in a self-replacing Fullblood Wagyu breeding operation. Itozurodoi himself has excellent carcass figures from 21 carcasses with an average Ausmeat MS of 8.38, 102.2cm EMA and final HSCW of 441kg. On the maternal side we have industry leading carcass sire Itoshigenami JNR and Michifuku as the grand-sire.

EBV’s MS +1 (64% Accuracy), EMA +3.5 (62% Accuracy), CWT +23 (69% accuracy).


Sired by Itozurodoi, L0099 is a very large-framed, powerful sire weighing in at over 1000kg. His pedigree features a who’s who of powerful carcass genetics on the maternal side. Maternal Sire is the industry leader Itoshigenami JNR followed by Itoshigefuji, Kitaguni JNR and Michifuku - all leading back to his foundation dam, SUZUTANI. His breeding will provide a balance of carcass traits, combined with excellent growth and maternal ability. This bull is perfectly placed to be used in a self-replacing full-blood breeding operation.

EBV’S MS +0.6 (Accuracy 65%) EMA +3.2 (Accuracy 63%),